Social responsibility

In a time of pursuing sustainable development, enterprises should undertake bounden duties in environment protection. Beiheng Textile will actively respond and participate into the development of green economy, starting from inside company with attention to minors.

Advanced sewage disposal system

The scarcity of water resources has become an increasingly severe issue to human beings so does the danger of water pollution, which has a strong impact on human development. Beiheng has invested several millions in the modern and advanced sewage disposal system. All the waste water produced from daily life or industry will go through the system for filtration and purification. Finally, it will turn into clean water for recycling or discharge into designated sewage treatment plant after meeting the emission standards for reprocessing. Direct discharge to the environment is strictly forbidden.

Use degradable environmental-friendly plastic bags

The emergence of plastic products has brought great convenience to our daily life and drove the development of industry. Meanwhile, the discarded plastic bags decreases the beauty of our cities through visual pollution. Besides, due to the difficulty of natural degradation, it poses a great threat to ecological environment. For example, the large amount of plastic wastes buried underneath would severely damage soil permeability and negatively impact plant growth. Targeting white pollution, we insist on: Firstly, use degradable plastic bags; Secondly, recycle plastic bags and other plastic products; Thirdly, recycle broken ones, careless drop is prohibited.

Use solar water heating system and energy-saving bulbs

Large exploitation and utilization of mineral resources not only cause resource shortage but also contaminate the environment, change the fundamental structure and natural environmental conditions of earth and districts, respectively. We choose to use the water heating system driven by solar power to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources such as coal, petroleum and gas in an eco-friendly way. Besides, energy-saving bulbs are highly used in our lighting system. Despite high in price, those bulbs are able to save 75% electricity compared to normal light bulbs with even longer life span. We also invited experts to specifically design the lighting system inside company to reduce the usage of light bulbs as much as possible with the promise of brightness.

Use polyester yarn generated from recycling plastics for selvage strip production.

Polyester yarn, generated from petrochemical engineering, is a very important type of synthetic fibre and also a critical raw material for selvage strip production. The environmental pollution caused by petroleum exploitation and the fact of resource shortage keep motivating us to develop a way to use renewable materials for production. Recuperated yarn has been developed out of this purpose. Firstly, discarded plastic bottles are collected and go through grade separation. Then, those bottles meeting standards will be shattered into pieces and washed with water. Finally, the melting process are performed to produce recuperated yarn. This act highly reduces the usage of petroleum by saving nearly 6 ton of petroleum in every ton of yarn produced. As a result, it makes a significant contribution in reducing air pollution and greenhouse effect control by effectively decreasing carbon dioxide emission above 33%.